Apadana production group

Production of woven bags made of polypropylene, such as simple single-layer and double-layer bags, laminated, shell, 4-layer image printing and composite.

Parnian Sack

Production of simple single-layer and double-layer bags with the most up-to-date bag production systems

Parnian Polymer

Production of laminated and clamshell bags using the latest bag production machines

Arya Bag

Manufacturer of packaging bags


Apadana production group was established based on the needs of the industry with a quarter century of brilliant activity in the field of packaging in 1996. This complex is one of the most high-quality factories producing polypropylene sacks in Iran, which by applying the latest technology of the global sack weaving industry, and innovation in production with scientific- active and dynamic management, has been able to become the best type of a large industry that its products can compete with the best products in the world in terms of quality.

Mission and vision

Apadana production group is one of the top global packaging producers, intends to provide the widest range of packaging solutions with quality products and services at competitive prices to customers by investing in human resources, advanced equipment and technology, based on understanding the needs of customers, and to be considered as a distinguished producer in the field of producing all kinds of polypropylene rolls and bags, as well as a reputable, lively, innovative, honest and reliable organization in Iran and international until 2027.

Apadana production group, relying on expert and experienced human forces, advanced equipment and technology, is continuously improving and developing itself to increase services, improve quality, minimize costs and increase customer satisfaction. Our mission is to create an excellent customer-oriented organization that provides a wide range of packaging solutions with high quality and affordable products to our customers. We intend to achieve our goals by creating a strong and synergistic relationship between managers, expert human resources, customers and other beneficiaries.

The goals of Apadana production group include increasing production capacity, maintaining and improving quality, fair profitability, development of human resources and investment, development and access to new markets.


Samples of bags produced and printed in the Apadana production group


Taking action according to true values such as honesty, trust, responsibility, progress and dynamism is very important in the organizational culture of Apadana production group.

High quality

We are obliged to provide the best quality packaging solutions to our customers and make their products look more beautiful.

Cost efficient

Apadana production group is a reliable packaging supplier. We always focus on the balance of production capacity and operation cost to save money for our customers and offer affordable prices.

A wide range of services

Our range of services does not only include the production of rolls and packaging, but also includes consulting, designing, preparing stereotyping and cylinder, developing new packaging, procurement and other services, if necessary.

Customer orientation and customer satisfaction

customer satisfaction is always one of the main goals of the Apadana production group

Our customers

We have the honor of working with more than 1000 customers, some of which are announced below
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